Email your MP about the rising cost of living

Many people are struggling with the cost of living at the moment. The government needs to do more so that everyone can afford the essentials. Writing to your MP can let them know how badly people in their area are affected and get them to take action. 

MPs respond best to messages that are personal. We're going to ask you a couple of questions to help craft an email for you. We will not store any information you share.

Please remember to write your answers in full sentences so they make sense in the final email to your MP.

Hints: Who else is in your household? Do you have children? Are you in work? Are you disabled?

Example: My name is Julie and I am a single mother of two children, aged 4 and 2

Example: Your gas or electricity bill, rent, weekly food shop

Hints: Are you unable to heat your home sometimes? Have you had to cut back on shopping? Have you gotten behind on any payments or got into debt?

Finally we need to know your postcode so we can identify your MP: